Dusty Stray "Tales Of Misfortune And Woe" cd

First Dusty Stray album. Jewel case with 20-page booklet including lyrics and images from old found postcards.

Co-produced by Gert-Jan Blom. Guest musicians: Marjolein van der Klauw (voice), Jac Bico (slide guitar) and Gert-Jan Blom (bass).

"It’s all delightfully dark and the trick of allying beautiful and tapalong music to dark words has rarely been performed as well"
Americana UK

“Makes the eyes cry not because of sorrow but joy”

"...he performed a miracle....Brown’s songs about murder and misery sound intimate, almost cozy. The arrangements are ingenious and controlled...beautiful harmony vocals..."
de Volkskrant

"Prima de luxe: Tales of Misfortune and Woe is home to a dozen delicate, high quality murderballads”

"The music is beautiful, but you’re guaranteed to get disturbed by the stories that accompany it: topics
include depression, suicide, falling into wells, losing loved ones, and freezing to death in the forest
while the animals scavenge your parts. This stuff is vital."
WUAG Radio, North Carolina

"The concealed bitterness of Tales of Misfortune and Woe lifts the already excellent songs to a higher
level" Heaven

Released February 7, 2009 on Basta records

1. Winter's Day 02:29
2. Hard Times 03:50
3. Other Way 02:41
4. Brother 03:56
5. The Girl 03:25
6. Sad Song 03:07
7. Cindy In The Well 02:17
8. In My Memory 03:41
9. Wendy And The Creature 03:32
10. Down Below 03:44
11. Little Birdie 03:10
12. When I Scared You 03:14
Dusty Stray