Dusty Stray "Light Years Away" cd

Dusty Stray's second album. Digipack with 20-page booklet including lyrics and featuring artwork by Jonathan Brown.

Produced by JB Meijers and Ken Stringfellow. Guest musicians: Jesje De Schepper, Pim Kops, Rene van Barneveld, Gert-Jan Blom, Ken Stringfellow and JB Meijers.

"Brilliant album. What melodic richness." de Volkskrant

"Variation all over the place, plus many beautiful, small songs which in hindsight make Light Years Away one of the most beautiful singer-songwriter albums of late 2011" *Kicking The Habit

“Timeless folk music that you can wrap your heart around...a true pearl" *FestivalInfo

"Dusty Stray delivers a second cd that draws one into its melodies and surprises with the nature of its lyrics. With music that never sounds stilted, but rather small. And that is certainly so beautiful." MusicFromNL

"Dusty Stray is a cosmic cowboy writing songs that evoke Andrew Wyeth paintings dotted with five-eyed space creatures" Irwin Chusid, WFMU Radio, New Jersey

1. Light Years Away 02:24
2. Begin Again 03:42
3. To Love You Only Leaves Me Lonely 02:47
4. You Lost Me 03:11
5. Happy Song 02:15
6. A Someone 03:49
7. It Happens 02:44
8. No Not Me 02:29
9. Our Destiny 04:36
10. Henry's Room 03:59
11. Requiem 04:09
12. Stupid Song 02:22
13. The Underachiever 02:25

Released October 17, 2011 on Basta records.
Dusty Stray